“The most important aspect of an Oil Painting is the life and subtle energy it portrays”

Dick Zimmerman has APPERED in over 65 television interviews such as…

LifeStyles of the Rich and Famous / CNN World / Dr. Drew / Hardcopy / A Current Affair / 60 Minutes / PM Magazine

The Tonight Show / NBC’S The Today Show / NBC’S Entertainment Tonight / NBC’S Daytime / ABC’S Access Hollywood

CBS’S Eye on L.A. /FOX’S  PM Magazine / TMZ

NBC The Today Show

“Dick Zimmerman has been referred to by themedia as an
artistic genius. Known as “The Image Maker,” he is considered to be the most accomplished portrait
artist of the 20th century. Zimmerman is sought after by the world’s most celebrated entertainers,
dignitaries, politicians and influential personalities.”

-Audrey S. Diamond
Publisher, Times: South Florida Magazine of the Arts

“Portrait Artist Dick Zimmerman could easily be confused…he’s been everywhere, done everything, mastered every challenge and has settled comfortably in to a league of his own. Having been an art director for major magazines such as McCall’s and Redbook, a painter, artist, producer, director, ad maker, and media mogul, his world is many splendid and expansive but his focus is precise and true, and today has vaulted him into being the country’s best-known portrait artist.”
“Dick Zimmerman’s unique technology in portraiture captures and enhances the essence of the subject’s beingness. He refers to it as ‘capturing the subtleties of the soul.‘ His portraits communicate life and energy, captured in a preservation of a moment in time.”

-Palm Beach Society Magazine

-Anthony Spano,
Publisher, Home & Design Magazine

“Armed with a 35+ year career, creating portraits for Hollywood celebrities, for magazine covers, movie posters, advertising campaigns, and album covers, Dick Zimmerman’s work includes several hundred celebrity paintings.”


-M.M. Cloutier

“After creating several portraits for me and numerous creative sessions, Dick is the ultimate professional!”


-Barbara Mandrell
Nashville, TN

“Dick has created some of the most beautiful portraits of me. He has always captured my true essence.”

-Lisa Marie Presley

“I’m amazed every time I pass by my painting…This was definitely an experience of a lifetime.”


-Trace Edwards
Host of NBC’s “Daytime”

“Zimmerman is the hotshot of the decade, creating paintings for such stars as Jane Fonda, Michael Jackson, Tom Selleck, Jane Seymour, Tom Cruise, Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Salvador Dali, Zimmerman won’t reveal which of his famous subjects was the most difficult to work with. “And that,” he says, “I’m saving for my retirement novel.”


-Jeannine Stein / Los Angeles Herald

“Zimmerman had worked until 4am on a new painting, boarded a plane that afternoon for Nashville, took a meeting, was in bed by 6am, up at 8, arranging location composition for Barbara Mandrell’s new album, winged his way back to Los Angeles, and arrived just after midnight Tuesday morning, now it was 11am, same day, and he was in his Culver City studio in a meeting with Nicole Kidman to discuss a portrait for the June Issue of Hollywood Reporter Magazine.”


-Jim Brooks / Daily Breeze

“Dick Zimmerman is rated the #1 portrait artist in the country. The album covers he created for Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the best-selling solo album in history. Dick has been labeled by the press, as the most photographed artist in America.”


-Bob Orth / Hollywood Profile Magazine

“Dick Zimmerman describes himself as “doing a little bit of everything,” creating paintings for advertising, fashion, album covers, celebrities. The New York University graduate spent a number of years painting in New York and London before coming to Los Angeles and Tampa eleven years ago.”


-Nancy Spiller / California Living Magazine

“Paris, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, were all cities frequented by this painter who has been rapidly making a name for himself overseas, painting exotic locations. Zimmerman has been painting since the age of seven.”


-Deb Miller / Features Editor
New York News Press

“Born in New York, Zimmerman studied painting at the Parsons School of

Design, the School of Visual Arts, and New York University, with post-graduate studies at the Brooklyn Museum, with two of the top portrait artists in New York, Isaac and Moses Sawyer.”
-Hollywood Reporter

Betsy Hecht Cramb   Vista Galleries

“We would like to introduce you to Dick Zimmerman, our featured artist of the month. When asked what he likes most about his art, Dick says it is how his clients appreciate the finished painting and go out of their way to share their satisfaction with friends and relatives. He has achieved notoriety in both aspects of the visual arts (painting and photography). He photographs his own subjects, creating a reference photograph to be used for the painting himself. People tell him his paintings capture the subtleties of the person and their inward confidence. He’s been told that his art communicates the unique spark of life of the subject.

Dick is proud of his use of contemporary color and his range of styles in addition to his ability to communicate the reality of what is really there.

Dick started as a painter at the age of seven and because he wanted to paint portraits, he learned photography. This helped him to make his paintings deeper, more colorful and allowed him to better communicate with his subjects. 

Dick started his training in the arts in New York at the School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design, and he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at NY University. He also had advanced training at the Brooklyn Museum with the acclaimed Soyer brothers, followed by further training at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris.

Dick has a unique ability to tune into the sensitivity and awareness of the visual world around him, and his portraits certainly reflect this awareness. “





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